About Me

I’d always been fascinated with the idea of preserving, pickling or fermenting vegetables and other foods.

I remember watching my mother along with my aunts prepare big batches of vegetables ready for the next season and wondering how simply adding a few ingredients, and leaving it alone could change it’s flavor, texture (and nutrition level as I later learned) to such a degree.

My fascination continued throughout my life but I didn’t learn the significance of these food methods until much later.

As I got older and developed health issues myself, I discovered how beneficial these foods were to the human body and that’s when I decided to really embark on the journey of learning how to ferment, pickle, can, and preserve foods and started to experiment with how versatile some of these methods could be!

I haven’t looked back since! Fast forward a few years, and I’ve now started this blog to help answer all those niggling questions people have about fermenting, pickling and preserving foods, along with sharing some of my favorite recipes.